AT1R cutoffs

For the One Lambda AT1R antibody tests, the manufacturer recommended cutoffs are: <10 Units/ml = negative, 10-17 = borderline or at risk, >17 = positive.  Published papers have shown that other cutoff values may be clinically relevant (1-3).  Please comment on the AT1R antibody test cutoffs in use in your laboratory.  If different from the manufacturer’s recommended cutoffs, are your cutoffs based on outcome data, mean values of test data, etc.  Are the cutoffs the same for all types of patients (renal, heart, etc.)? Do you evaluate your cutoff values with each new lot?   

(1. Reinsmoen NL, et al.  Transplantation 97: 595, 2014.  2. In JW, et al.  Transplant Proc. 46: 3371, 2014.  3. Banasik M, et al.  Transplant Proc. 46: 2618, 2014.)

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