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  • Antibody Screen Test Selection: Deciding What Testing to Assign

    By using beads coated with Class I and Class II purified antigens, the Flow PRA Screening Test can determine whether sera are positive or negative for Class I and Class II antibody.  The assay can also provide a degree of positivity based on the peak's shift from the negative control and an insight into whether the antibody present is monoclonal or polyclonal.  But, one of the limitations of the FlowPRA Screening Test is that it does not fully account for all HLA antigens.  For instance, several rare antigens such as A74 are not included on the panel.  Also, when comparing a batch of 96 FlowPRA Screens to a batch of 96 Luminex screens, the FlowPRA Screening could be considered more labor intensive.  However, it is important to consider that the cost of the FlowPRA Screening Tests are lower than that of the Luminex based screens.  So, how are laboratories utilizing this assay?  Are all patients tested with FlowPRA Screening in conjunction with a Luminex based screen?  Are only patients of a certain criteria run with FlowPRA Screening and the rest are run on a Luminex based screen? Is it the opposite?  Or, is the assay used as a troubleshooting technique when other methods do not correlate with the flow cytometric crossmatch results? 

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