Luminex Labscan 3D for antibody screening


We recently purchased a Luminex Labscan 3D. This instrument can be used for HLA typing and antibody screening with the One Lambda products. We have not yet started to use this instrument clinically as additional software updates are pending. Is anyone able to comment on how this instrument is performing in their laboratory.

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  • Great! I'll be very curious to hear about the results of your comparison.

  • We are in the process of finishing up the testing. We have so far acquired 8 runs on the Labscan 3D and the 200 system. Our next step is to perform paired t-tests to see if there are any differences between the outputs. Should have this done in the next couple of weeks.

    I think that we need to check with Luminex regarding the frequency with wich we'll need to sonicate sample probes.

  • Hi Renato,

    Any progress regarding the 3D Luminex instrument in your lab? We have recently purchased one and we hope to start using it early next year. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 


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