Luminex® Single Antigens

In your laboratory, if the result of single antigen(One lambda) is more than 20,000 MFI, serum must 1:8 dilute with RPMI, right?

Can you tell me why did you come to that decision?

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  • Thanks for your question Eunhee,
    Yes, we have determined that the upper limit of our Luminex instruments is generally around 22,000-23,000 MFI. From dilution studies, I know that if it were possible, we would detect higher MFI values. We have performed studies of OL single antigen beads and Immucor class II phenotypes, where CDC and flow cytometric crossmatch results are best correlated at dilutions. Additionally, in some cases higher dilutions for Cw and DP antibodies have been needed to allow some acceptable risk for very highly and broadly sensitized patients.
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