Renato Vega

Baltimore, MD


Job Title: Laboratory Supervisor

Institution: Johns Hopkins University

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"Thanks for your question Eunhee,
Yes, we have determined that the upper limit of our Luminex instruments is generally around 22,000-23,000 MFI. From dilution studies, I know that if it were possible, we would detect higher MFI values. We have perfor…"
For the One Lambda AT1R antibody tests, the manufacturer recommended cutoffs are: <10 Units/ml = negative, 10-17 = borderline or at risk, >17 = positive.  Published papers have shown that other cutoff values may be clinically relevant (1-3).  Please…
"We perform 5 washes and adjust the vacuum pressure to 100-125mbars and hold each wash for 5 seconds. Thanks for your comments."
"We are in the process of finishing up the testing. We have so far acquired 8 runs on the Labscan 3D and the 200 system. Our next step is to perform paired t-tests to see if there are any differences between the outputs. Should have this done in the…"
"Perhaps it's all in how well technologists flick and wash out non-HLA, IgG antibodies. In our experience the pressure on the vacuum manifold has to be precise, otherwise we start loosing beads (perhaps by crushing them). If the pressure is low our w…"
"Great! We do all of our testing using filter plates and in some cases have seen data that suggest differences in results based on which method (spin or filter plate) is used."
"Rob, this was a nice study to show that some of these Solid phase assays can further be optimized without compromising sensitivity. I am looking forward to trying out this procedure in the laboratory. I wonder if you have tried the filter plate inst…"
"Nice presentation. I think that every laboratory benefits from using products from different manufacturers to best interpret results."
Renato Vega is now friends with Tracey Schilling and Jennifer L Metz
We recently purchased a Luminex Labscan 3D. This instrument can be used for HLA typing and antibody screening with the One Lambda products. We have not yet started to use this instrument clinically as additional…