Rob Liwski

Halifax, Nova Scotia


Job Title: HLA Director

Institution: Dalhousie University

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"Great! I'll be very curious to hear about the results of your comparison."
"It makes perfect sense. How many washes do you do after the first incubation step when using the manifold? Could you off-set poor washing that you get with low vaccuum pressure simply by increasing the number of washes? In my experience, increasing…"
"Very interesting. Any ideas regarding possible factors that contribute to these differences?"
"Hi Renato,
Any progress regarding the 3D Luminex instrument in your lab? We have recently purchased one and we hope to start using it early next year. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 
"Hi Renato,

Thanks for your comments. Yes, we just started validating the rapid protocol using filter plate washes and the preliminary results look good. In addition, two labs that participated in the multicenter ROB protocol evaluation study (late…"
It's about time. Development of the Rapid Optimized SAB (ROB) protocol for LABScreen
Rob Liwski is now a member of Solid Phase Immunoassays