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Dolores Redondo-Pachón, Julio Pascual, María J.Pérez-Sáez, Carmen García, Juan José Hernández, Javier Gimeno, Marisa Mir, Marta Crespoa

The influence of antibodies against HLA-DP antigens detected with solid-phase assays on graft survival after kidney transplantation (KT) is uncertain.We evaluated with Luminex®the prevalence of pre- and posttransplant DP antibodies in 440 KT patients and their impact on graft survival. For 291 patients with available pretransplant samples, DP antibodies were present in 39.7% KT with pretransplant HLA antibodies and 47.7% with DSA. Graft survival of KT with pretransplant class-II DSA was worse than with non-DSA (p= 0.01). DP antibodies did not influence graft survival. Of 346 patients monitored post-KT, 17.1% had HLA class-II antibodies, 56% with DP antibodies. Class-II DSA was detected in 39%, 60.9% of them had DP antibodies. Graft survival was worse in patients with class-II DSA (p=0.022). DP antibodies did not change these results. The presence of isolated DP antibodies was a rare event both pre- and posttransplantation (1.03 and 0.86%). The presence of pretransplant and posttransplant DSA is associated with a negative impact on graft survival. However, the presence of DP antibodies does not modify this impact significantly.

Keywords: Renal transplant, HLA-DP antibodies, Graft survival

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