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hla antibodies (1)

  • Annette M. Jackson, Mary S. Leffell, Robert A. Montgomery, and Andrea A. Zachary

    Purpose of review
    To identify factors that affect the choice of route to renal transplantation for the sensitized patient. The evolution of protocols for transplanting sensitized patients has been desensitization (DES), paired donation, and most recently, paired donation combined with DES. Use of these protocols has revealed various factors that influence which route is the most likely to work for a given patient.
    Recent findings
    The data indicate that patient blood type and HLA sensitization have the dominant influence on what route is best for a patient but numerous other factors, particularly the number, HLA type, and ABO type of donors a patient brings to a program will also affect the likelihood of transplantation. The distribution of these factors among patients transplanted or unable to…

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