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hla-dq (1)

  • Anat R.Tambur, Jimmy Rosati, Shirley Roitberg, Denis Glotz, John J.Friedewald and Joseph R.Leventhal

    Background. Human leukocyte antigen (HLA)-DQ has emerged as the alloantibody most frequently associated with the generation of de novo donor-specific antibody (DSA), antibody-mediated-rejection, and unfavorable transplantation outcome.
    Methods. The generation of HLA-DQ de novo DSA was interrogated in 40 transplant recipients who were immunologically naive before their failed transplantation. Eplet and epitope analyses were performed using HLAMatchmaker and Cn3D software.
    Results. Ten DQA and thirteen DQB eplets or eplet combinations were identified. All but one revealed an epitope footprint that includes both the DQa and DQb chains. Four examples are illustrated in detail, representing a range of different epitope landscapes. A disparity between antigen…

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