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kidney-paired donation (1)

  • Robert A. Montgomery, Bonnie E. Lonze and Annette M. Jackson

    Purpose of review
    Many sensitized patients have willing live donors but are unable to use them because of a human leukocyte antigen (HLA) incompatibility. The options for these patients include: remaining on the deceased-donor list, entering a kidney-paired donation scheme, or undergoing desensitization with high-dose IVIg or plasmapheresis and low-dose IVIg.
    Recent findings
    Mathematical simulations verified by actual data from several national kidney-paired donation (KPD) programs has shed light on which donor/recipient phenotypes are likely to benefit from each transplant modality. Pairs that are easy to match are likely to receive compatible kidneys in a KPD. Those who are hard to match may be better served by desensitization. The phenotype which is both hard to match and hard to desensitize due to board and…

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